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 Bornholmske Billeder (foto-blog in Danish)


 Water Shortage in Nepal                                 
 Government Crisis, Nepal 2009                     
 Leprosy in Nepal                                                
 Singles : Daily Life in Nepal                             
 Tibetan Olympic Protests                                
 The Soup Kitchen - Food Crisis in Nepal      
 Asian Slum: Sukumbasis of Kathmandu     
 Singles : Nepal Politics 2005-2008               

 The Himalayas                                                    
 People & Portraits                                             
 Festivals of Nepal                                               
 Religion of Nepal                                                
 Temples of Nepal                                               

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Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy my photos!
Morten Svenningsen - Journalist & Photographer -fotograf- on Bornholm, Denmark

Professional freelance photojournalist Morten Svenningsen is currently based on Bornholm, Denmark and available for commissioned work in Scandinavia, Nepal and the rest of the world.
Photos on this site are available as prints / posters and as stock photos.
I also do creative writing for print and online publications. Please contact me for further details.

I do not provide images for "credit only".

If you're looking for something special and can't find it here, feel free to contact me. I may just have it in my offline picture library You may also want to try the image search, as I have several pictures here that aren't part of a specific story or gallery.

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