It’s multimedia, baby!

Julie and Sabina on the balcony

So, just been playing around with some multimedia software. Long time since I really did any professional multimedia productions, so thought I’d brush up on it again, see what’s possible, with formats, bandwidth, the 5D2 camera etc. According to the industry prophets, multimedia is supposed to be the big and bright future of photojournalism. True, […]

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How Many Maoists Does It Take To…


Here’s some photos from yesterday (Nepal 17 March 2009), where Maoist protesters – or whatever they were – pretty much closed down all central parts of Kathmandu. Officially, a protest program against the president who they say have made a “constitutional coup”. Well, whatever their official explanation are, why trust them anymore? The last couple […]

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Tibetan Martyr’s Day 2009


I just have 5 minutes of computer-time left for now, so I’ll just post a quick edit of some photos I took yesterday, when local Tibetan exiles observed their Martyr Day. Commemorating the 11th anniversary of some monk who died, setting himself on fire down in New Delhi. About 200 people or so, held a […]

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Nepal Political Crisis Worsens

Police officers dosing fires, started by angry Maoist supporters protesting against the presidents move to reinstate chief of army staff, following Maoist government had fired him.

Things have been happening fast here in Nepal the last two days. (Never thought I would be saying that!) A few hours after I wrote the previous blog post here (Nepal’s Maoists: Helpless in Power), things really started happening. I’ll not go into great detail since the big news media have it all covered, but […]

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Nepal’s Maoists: Helpless in Power


The other day I was riding a bus and we got pulled over by a traffic cop. A big argument ensued between the cop and the driver. Eventually half the bus passengers were hanging out their windows, arguing with the poor young traffic cop standing there in the baking sun. And it made me realize […]

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New Kenya Safari Pictures


Well, they’re not really new, about 3 years old in fact. But these Kenya safari photos are new on this site, Just uploaded them. Pulled a bit of a ‘Klavs Bo’ on some of them – they looked a bit ‘flat’. (Klavs Bo being the Danish PJ who was recently disqualified from the DK-PoY competition […]

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