How Many Maoists Does It Take To…

Here’s some photos from yesterday (Nepal 17 March 2009), where Maoist protesters – or whatever they were – pretty much closed down all central parts of Kathmandu. Officially, a protest program against the president who they say have made a “constitutional coup”. Well, whatever their official explanation are, why trust them anymore? The last couple of weeks they’ve really been “stepping in the spinach” again and again (-sorry, a Danish expression that I don’t know exactly how to translate. But you get the point, right…).

So ok, how many Maoists does it take to close down a capital city?

You know, I bet the Maoist leaders have been wondering about that! Just in case they have to fall back to Plan B, you know, “Peoples War, Part 2”, urban combat… My own guess, this mass meet wasn’t actually organized so that the party bosses could step up on the podium and fire the usual round of allegations against -conveniently unnamed and unproven- some “foreign masters” and “reactionary forces hatching conspiracies”. No, it was a “military exercise”. How many “troops” do we need? How long time does it take to mobilize them? Infrastructure. Channels of communication. Crowd control of all the “useful idiots” – like Lenin called them. Call me paranoid tonight, but hey, would you put it passed them to think those thoughts?

I’m not saying the Maoists are about to strike. I don’t think so at all. Just keeping their options open.







3 Responses to “How Many Maoists Does It Take To…”

  1. Great blogging; see you around town sometime, I hope!

  2. The problem with all isms, is that they nearly always end up being militarist, of one kind of another. They just don\’t understand how to agree to disagree. Dialectics 101 really escapes them. If you tell them that every question contains its own answer, and that every answer is a contradiction of itself, their eyes start to cross and they go homicidal on you, or some other poor guy, who really want to work it out. It got Socrates killed along with a lot of other people across the pages of History. They just don\’t understand \"Zen and the Art of Failure\" / \"Life and the Art of Failure\" or \"Anything and the Art of Failure.\" If you tell them that all success is founded of failure, it overloads their ability to reason pass wiping their butts. It\’s all about power for them. If you tell them (A) that power taken, by one man, is power that can be taken, by another man, from the first man, and (B) that power given, is always less than the power, that\’s gave,
    but (C) self-empowerment is the only really power, and can never be taken or used to over power others. For only a self-empowered people are a truly free people. I liked your blog. I hope I did not go on too much about the subject. Edmund, in Prague

  3. P.S. I see some typos that really should not be there. I did not use those / but they are still there. That is strange. Oh well…