Tibetan Martyr’s Day 2009

I just have 5 minutes of computer-time left for now, so I’ll just post a quick edit of some photos I took yesterday, when local Tibetan exiles observed their Martyr Day. Commemorating the 11th anniversary of some monk who died, setting himself on fire down in New Delhi.

About 200 people or so, held a candle light march around the stupa, chanting prayers, shouting slogans (“Free Tibet” and along those lines) and finally just stodd still and sang a song. It was all very peaceful, but with heavy police presence in the background.

I did some sound recordings as well and would love to make a little multimedia presentation. Will have to wait a bit, unfortunately, since it’ll take some time that I don’t have right now. So for now, just the pictures. Have a good weekend!

– And please contact me if you’re interested in the multimedia piece – or any of these photos, for that matter!









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