The accompanying tips on extending piercings are explicitly pointed toward checking ear cartilage, where ear cartilage piercings can be expanded to enormous sizes to fuse a wide range of kinds of ear gems including great tissue burrows.  Extending piercings has been in numerous civic establishments since forever, taking numerous structures from checking ear cartilage to extending labret and septum piercings in the early times of history the materials utilized were wood, stone, bone, horn, shells, paws and claws, molded and cut to encourage extending piercings.

The most established known frequency of people checking ear cartilage was found in 1991, in an ice sheet in the Otztal Alps among Italy and Austria, where a 5,300 year-old embalmed body was found with tattoos and an ear cartilage piercing of between 7 mm and 11 mm breadth. In spite of the fact that the strategy utilized was known for distinct, this may have been completed by a technique known as dead extending, where dynamically bigger ear adornments is constrained through the opening that bit by bit increments in measurement.


In anticipation of checking, ensure that you have a decent enemy of bacterial cleanser without fragrance. At that point you will require an ocean salt arrangement – make it utilizing three tablespoons salt in barely enough water to disintegrate it, and at any rate enough to wash your ear cartilage in. Never use hydrogen or some other peroxide as disinfectant – the cleanser and salt arrangement are sufficient.

piercing oreille

You will likewise require some warm water to wash your ear with before each period of ear extending, or you could elective have a warm shower first. This mellows the voir tout tearing of the skin/scar that could prompt dying.

At long last, you will require some grease: dodge Vaseline or some other mineral oil or oil based ointment. Most tips on extending piercings suggest emu oil and jojoba, every one of which offers delicate clean and skin molding properties while going about as totally sufficient grease.

Measuring Earlobes

When extending piercings, the two suggested strategies are the shape strategy and the Teflon technique. The shape strategy includes embeddings a tightened bar or pin into the puncturing, the restricted end being of a similar check as the penetrating, and the more extensive end one measure down. The size of the shape is that of the ideal check of puncturing. So if you’re penetrating is 16g, the shape will be a 14g shape, going from 16g to 14g. These are comparable to 1.2 mm to 1.6 mm.