If you have some experience in web Website design and want to make good money you can try acting as IT-outsourcing partner. Learn what you should know and how to begin.

Web Design -  The Basis of Your Business

Why offshore web design and development?

Offshore website design and Development help to keep at least 3-5 times less, by way of instance, average rate of internet development services to costs in USA is $35-75; in UK – $25-50, in Ukraine – $5-20.

How it works?

Plan that is Normal is similar to that:

You find a customer who wants a web site, ask his/her requirements for your job and send to your overseas partner company. The spouse makes a proposal and offers you the job estimation basing on his hourly fee, by way of instance, $10. You mark up the rate $10/hour as large as you need (and can – considering competition in your area, level of need for web design services, and other marketing variables ), for example to $30/hour, and sends the proposal to the customer. So if the web design project is projected on 50 man-hours of job, you charge the customer $1500, from that $1000, and $500 you pay to your partner firm is the profit. The partner company works on the job and provides it to you together with copyright for the job. You send the website to the customer.

How to Get Started?

The most important and first step is to examine market and decide if it is worth to begin this business. If you have your own web Design Company it is simpler for you since you already know situation on the current market, gain certain standing, have customers list, etc. But do not hesitate if you are new to web design business. Believe in yourself and work hard and you will be rewarded for your efforts. As in any type of business, beginning the one in web design area, you need to ask yourself general marketing questions:

  1. Who will be your customers?
  1. Why they will order the web Design services for you?
  1. Where and how they will get to know about you?

Web Design -  The Basis of Your Business

Without having answers to these questions you should not attempt to start anything.

The second step is to find trustful and reliable partner – offshore web design firm – which will work as development center to your business. This company should have experience in web design and development area, superior reputation level of consumer care and communication. There are lots of resources in the Web where you will find information that is necessary – search engines, web design directories, outsourcing portals.